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Project Pari Girls’ Visits to Expedia, Lego, Tableau and Facebook

On 9 June 2017, our Project Pari (PP) girls were privileged and so lucky to embark on a rare, much anticipated and extremely valuable cum insightful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning journey to Expedia, Lego, Tableau and Facebook. During their visits to these four companies, the PP girls learnt that in every single thing that they do, they are choosing a direction and that their lives are a product of choices.

As the PP girls were given opportunities to not only use all the brains that they possess, but also all that they could borrow from accompanying Zontians, their teachers as well as from their Expedia, Lego, Tableau and Lego hosts, the PP girls learnt to demand higher standards of themselves because they learnt that every choice they make has an end result. Many of the words spoken by our hosts that day poured courage and hope into our PP girls’ young and often times, fragile hearts as well as planted in their minds seeds of success. Indeed, many good and precious memories were created for our girls and these ‘sacred’ memories will definitely be preserved, cherished and carried by our girls into life.

The following pictures provide for all to see the highlights of our PP girls’ visit to the four organisations. Found below the pictures are wise words from a wise man, William Arthur Ward.


Project Pari Adventure Race

Project Pari partnered with Ace Adventures to organize a great day of fun in the great outdoors for our Project Pari girls. We had about 20 volunteers from Ace Adventures, 11 girls and about 11 Zontians that joined in the fun. The race started at Dairy Farm Nature Park at 9am where everyone was treated to a goodie bag from Wan Joo that had some energy bars and wet wipes. There were 4 teams and each team were led by an experienced Ace Adventures volunteer.

The teams set off happily and along the way, the leaders were generous in providing useful information about nature tips and also there was great bonding amongst everyone present. There were many challenges issued to the teams throughout the race and each team had to complete all the challenges in their race booklet. Even though it was hot and humid, everyone pressed on, cheering each other as they went along.

Halfway, one of the girls slipped and sprained her leg. Determined to complete the race, her team mates lent her a willing shoulder and they all hopped along for the remainder of the course! The teams walked through the Dairy Farm Nature Park to end up at Ngee Ann Polytechnic Adventure Park where they had a chance to abseil and rock climb. The race ended with a delicious KFC treat and a debrief by the race coordinator Joanne who gave a very inspirational talk about how we can handle challenges in life. It was a great day of fun, learning and activity! Can’t wait for the next one!

Pari Adventure 1

Pari Adventure 2

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