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Hanuman The Superhero Monkey Fund Raising Event for Project Pari

On 9 April 2016, the Year of the Monkey fund-raising efforts paid off in the form of a matinee play Hanuman, the Super-Hero Monkey, which raised $5,517.57 in ticket sales for Project Pari. We are thankful for the wonderful team effort of Cecilia, Rachel and Mina who ran this fundraising effort in collaboration with the Singapore Reportory Theatre and Sistic. We are also grateful for all Zontians and friends for coming together in support of buying the tickets and inviting their friends to attend this multi sensory production.

Hanuman Superhero Monkey


Project Pari Baking Workshop

On a lovely Saturday morning on 16 April 2016, Project Pari girls were treated to a bake class organised at the "Cooking Palace" at CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace.

Thanks to Zontian Julia Woo for liaising with the school for the use of their premises for the event. The bake class was executed seamlessly due to the ground support from two of CHIJ, Sonia and Siti, who not only helped to pre-pare the utensils, aprons and kitchen equipment very efficiently, but also provided local kueh and the school’s signature home-brewed pandan leaf tea, harvested from the school garden. Zontian Julia decided to make some muffins for breakfast as well and within minutes a tray was inserted into the ov-en and the distinct aroma of baking soon wafted through the air.

Friends from Netherlands Charity Association (NCA), Sheila and Amanda, as well as the PP girls could hardly contain their excitement waiting for Pek Lyn (our Zontian MasterChef) to gather everyone in teams to begin the baking session. Pek explained the food safety measures and provided step by step instructions on baking chocolate chip cookies. Soon everyone was busy measuring and mixing various ingredients. More experienced bakers were giving tips to the novices. Various toppings such as M&M candies and walnuts were made available and the girls experimented with various cookie shapes. Our alumnus Charmaine (studying to be a pastry chef at ITE College West) was there to help. As the cookies were laid out to cool, the girls started to decorate the gift bags and boxes, using craft materials generously sponsored by Pek’s mum, Catherine. There were stickers, ribbons, streamers, clips, pa-per boxes, colour markers and soon the girls put their creativity to work. Thanks to all Zontians for helping to make it a fun-packed day.

Pari Baking

Pari Baking

Project Pari Workshop 2016 – “LEVEL UP”

Zonta organized a wellbeing workshop, Level Up, for the Project Pari girls on 6 June 2016 at SCWO training rooms.

The day started at 9.30am with 52 students and 8 teachers attending the workshop. They came from Tanglin Secondary School, Punggol Secondary School, Woodlands Secondary School, Bukit Merah Secondary School, Ping Yi Secondary School, Fajar Secondary School and Tampines Secondary School.

Our trainer, Margaret Kwan, started the workshop with an ice breaker game to warm up the room while the girls were a little shy on a Saturday morning. Margaret moved on to the first topic on deportment and body language. Margaret demonstrated the appropriate posture in walking, standing and sitting. After the theory and demonstration, the girls were asked to get into some practice before going for a break. The girls were quick in getting into their own groups, enjoyed the drinks and food prepared for them and busy chatting among themselves.

After the break, Margaret moved into Personal Hygiene and Skincare, explaining to the girl on hair, oral, nail and skin hygiene that they should pay attention to at their age now. Basic skincare knowledge to the teenagers were also taught. The girls were interactive in sharing their current habits and practices during this session.

After the more personally related topics, the class went to cover on social etiquette and vocal communication. These are very useful skills that we should apply adequately in a social environment. What should a right handshake be? How should we maintain the right eye contact? What is the right voice tone to use in a different environment? And many more. We are hoping that these skills can help the girls to build up their confidence in communicating with others and presenting themselves in front of people.

We had a mass game having the girls separated into two groups and formed a circle each. A candy was given to each girl. The task was to listen to the instructions and pass around the candy. And at the end of the game, each girl should still have a candy in her hand. This sounded simple but as the game went on and more complicated instruction was given, it could get confusing and messy. This gist of this game is on the importance of listening. The girls had fun though we had a girl with 2 candies which meant that one other girl had no candy at the end of the game. They did pretty well in listening! The group went for the second tea break thereafter.

The room was set up with tables in small groups for the next session on dining etiquette. We had prepared Japanese bento set as their lunch. The girls enjoyed a simple yet delicious bento meal and could put what they just learnt into good use. All of us could eat gracefully even it is a simple meal as Margaret described.

Instead of a usual recap of the day, Margaret asked them to write down what they have learnt today within a specified time. The team with the most number of correct points would be the winner. We could see that each table was trying hard to come out as many points as possible. The winning team had a total of 17 points. Well done to all the girls!

The day ended with a closing remark by both our Service Chair and President to thank both the students and their teachers, and Margaret for volunteering her time from her busy schedule. Small gifts were presented to the teachers and Margaret to show our appreciation. A big thank you to Service Committee for organizing this workshop, 12 Zontians and 2 volunteers spending their Saturday with the girls.

Pari Levelup

Margaret demonstrating the correct walking posture

Pari Levelup

Personal Hygiene session

Pari Levelup

The girls playing the game on vocal communication

Pari Levelup

Presenting a token of appreciation to the teachers

Pari Levelup

Presenting a gift to thank Margaret for volunteering the workshop

Photography Workshop for the Project Pari Girls at Marina Barrage

The 2nd photography workshop was held for Project Pari girls interested in outdoor photography on the 25th of June. Zontians Peklyn, June, Swee Ying and Nget Vooi met with some Project Pari girls at Bayfront MRT before heading over to the Marina Barrage.

This outdoor photography workshop was conducted by Nget Vooi’s brother Alan, who had kindly volunteered to share his knowledge and experience on outdoor photography with the group. Alan was very enthusiastic to share his knowledge and had handed out notes on framing and outdoor lighting for the girls to refer to during the session.

Throughout the walk around the Marina Barrage, Alan was showing everyone the spots where outdoor scenery could be best framed and taken. The girls had plenty of fun taking many beautiful shots of the Singapore skyline as they strolled around the Marina Barrage.

After the break, Margaret moved into Personal Hygiene and Skincare, explaining to the girl on hair, oral, nail and skin hygiene that they should pay attention to at their age now. Basic skincare knowledge to the teenagers were also taught. The girls were interactive in sharing their current habits and practices during this session.

The Zonta Club of Singapore would like to thank Alan for giving his time to share with us the tips and tricks of taking a good photo in the outdoors. We look forward to the next installment of this workshop!

Pari Photography

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