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A River Safari for the Project Pari Girls

25 October 2014

Everyone was bright and chirpy, wide eyed and excited despite the early 9am start. Under the command of our dynamic Zontian, Pek Lyn and her friends, we breezed through the turnstile. Amidst the chatter, one of the girls from Tanglin Secondary School declared, “what a wonderful way to start the day” which perfectly summed up the event. Everyone trotted along happily, enjoying each other’s company, reveling at the exhibits. Some were tickled by the riddles and jokes planted along the way. Paddlefishes from Mississippi, giant puffer fish, and the Mekong giant catfish, Project Pari girls and Zontians alike made new discoveries. A cool respite was found in the panda enclosure from the October heat. The red pandas were sleeping and the giant pandas were feeding away – what a life

A River Safari for the Project Pari Girls 2014

Everyone went on a 15 minute cruise with treats of giraffe and elephant sightings. Some of us braved the wet splashes whilst seated up front on the Amazon River ride. Lunch was a welcome break and the girls continued to leisurely explore the safari after lunch.

A River Safari for the Project Pari Girls 2 2014

Kudos to those of us who worked hard to put this outing together!

The graduating class of Project Pari Girls was taken to see “Monkey Goes West “ by W!LD RICE at the newly renovated Victoria Theatre on 22 November 2014.

Monkey Goes West 2014

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