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Outing with Project Pari Girls to Gardens by the Bay
Saturday 26th October 2013 9am – 2pm

One of the objectives of Project Pari is to give the beneficiaries a chance to explore and experience developments around them. At the Gardens by the Bay, the girls experienced and witnessed for themselves, Singapore government’s project to improve the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.

Gardens by the Bay

59 girls from 8 schools, accompanied by 10 teachers gathered excitedly on the morning of 26th October. The girls and teachers were split into groups of about 10 girls each, chaperoned by two Zonta members per group. Each girl was given a map and hand guide and each group moved independently around the Garden. The highlight of the visit was to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest conservatories. The girls learnt much about the eco and creative designs of the conservatories, which is an energy efficient showcase of sustainable building technologies in an all-weather “edutainment” space within the Gardens. Both conservatories are very large (around one hectare (2.5 acres) and the Flower Dome is the world's largest columnless glasshouse.

Gardens by the Bay

At the end of the walking tour, the girls were treated to a scrumptious meal of Texas chicken, coleslaw, fries and ice-cream sundae. They were also presented with Gardens by the Bay souvenirs.

Ace Adventures IWD Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition in support of Project Pari – Pre-expedition Launch September 2013

We are very excited to be the adopted charity for Ace Adventures’ Mount Kilimanjaro climb from the 8th – 20th March 2014.

Ace Adventure is doing this climb in celebration of International Women’s Day and this project is supported by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation (SCWO). Funds raised from the climb will be donated to Project Pari. Special thanks to ex-Zontian Selina Gan for matching Zonta with Ace Adventure. Serendipitously, the tagline on our PP brochure says, “climb on my shoulders to see the world”.

The launch of the event took place on 26 September 2013. More than 20 interested participants awaited eagerly to hear more details about the climb and about Project Pari, with about 10 Zontians in attendance.

Project Happy Feet, August 2013

Early on the morning of Saturday August 31, 57 girls and teachers from Project Pari, along with 45 Zontians and friends headed out to East Coast Park to participate in the Project Happy Feet Slipper Race 2013. The slipper race is Singapore’s only non-competitive walk in slippers to raise funds for Project Happy Feet’s beneficiaries. This year’s walk raised S$75,000 which will support the education of underprivileged school children in Singapore and Cambodia.

Project Happy Feet

Balloons, banners and flip flops were in abundance. Both the Zonta banner and the Project Pari sign were held high during the 4 km route and our thanks goes out to all those who carried it high above their heads for long stretches. Zontians were particularly easy to spot in the crowds with their new maroon t-shirts. Many of the Project Pari girls participated in the t-shirt competition, having created hand designed t-shirts especially for the race.

Project Pari Workshop 2013

The month of June kicked off with our Project Pari Workshop on June 1st at YWCA. 58 Project Pari girls from 9 schools, accompanied by their teachers joined 15 Zontians for a day with Terence Quek and the team from Emergenetics. The event was MCed by Zontian, Malathi Das.

Emergenetics specializes in analysing, identifying and leveraging the way people think and behave. Prior to the event all of the attendees filled out an online questionnaire which formed the basis of a profile showing their thinking and behavioural preferences in seven scientifically-based attributes, allowing them to better understand themselves—how they think, communicate and learn—and their interactions with others.

After some fun ice-breaking games, Sam from Emergenetics explained the basics of the Emergenetics programme and what they should expect from their profile. The girls took part in a fun activity where they “acted out” the workings of a machine to the rest of the group.

Then, the long-awaited profiles. The room filled with chatter as the attendees digested their profile, most of them surprised at how accurate it was. Sam explained some more about the different aspects of the profiles and what it means to them.

The girls then learnt about the characteristics of the dominant elements of their profile – who are the ones most likely to start their sentence with “why”, “how”, “who” and who wants to look at the big picture. Many nodding heads could be seen around the room as the attendees realised how much it reflected their personality.

The morning ended with an informative and frank presentation by Celine and Junita, Project Pari graduates who attended the At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy training last year. They shared openly about both what they learned from the course and the challenges they had to overcome. Celine also entertained everyone with her repertoire of jokes.

After a delicious buffet lunch – at which the ice-cream expertly served by Celine seemed to the hottest item, the Secondary 3-5 students attended a presentation by the At-Sunrice team on the school and the training opportunities available to them. Many of them showed an interest in visiting the school and learning more about the academy and the courses.

Terence from Emergenetics then gave a short overview on “Project Happy Feet” of which he is a Founding member & Director of Communications and Outreach. Project Happy Feet is a Singapore-based not-for-profit organisation set up to empower the lives of underprivileged youths and children in developing countries by supporting their education and training through education-related initiatives and programmes that positively impact them or their families. Malathi announced that Zonta Club of Singapore would sponsor any of the Project Pari girls who wished to join this year’s Project Happy Feet Slipper Walk taking place on August 31st. She also challenged them to design their own “Team Project Pari” t-shirts for the event.

Then it was time for some games to wake the attendees up after their sumptuous lunch before rounding off the afternoon by learning about how they could use their profiles to interact better with their friends and family and try to understand other peoples’ styles of communication better.

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