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Project Pari @ Sunrice Global Chef (13 July 2012)
Project Pari girls had the privilege of visiting the Academy on the afternoon of 13 July. The visit was arranged by Mrs Kwan Lui, founder of At-Sunrice, a former Zontian and great supporter of Project Pari. 50 girls and teachers from 8 schools went for the visit.

At-Sunrice is a world class academy offering not just courses in cooking skills but also courses in advancing culinary arts and the F&B profession. Students undergo apprenticeship while studying; hence given opportunities applying their skills working in top hotels, restaurants and food services. WDA provides funding from 70% to 90% to students who are Singapore citizens or PRs. The Academy offers both diploma (17 months) and certificate (2-3 months) courses.

The girls were given an introduction on what career opportunities the F&B business offers. The Academy’s COO Mr Chris Glaeseel shared his experiences working in various world class hotels in different parts of the world. This was followed by a tour of the Academy’s facilities. There were live demonstrations on coffee making and cocktails making by instructors of the barista course and course for bartenders. There are kitchens for western, eastern cooking, rooms for courses for sommeliers and other types of F & B services.

The tour ended with refreshments prepared by the Academy’s students. The visit was especially useful to the girls who are in their ‘O ‘and ‘N’ levels and a few of them showed interest in signing up for the certificate courses.

As a follow-up Kwan had kindly initiated action to look for F&B business to sponsor the girls who would like to sign up for the certificate courses. This together with the WDA funding will enable them to study at no cost and have a vacation job.

We are grateful to Kwan for her help to Project Pari. The girls were very appreciative to be given the opportunity to be introduced to affordable skills training facilities and the job prospects in the F&B business.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic/Zonta Scholarship (31 July 2012)
The annual invitation to Ngee Ann Polytechnic Award requested the representative of the Club to be the honoured guest at the Scholarship Awards 2012. Ter Yee went on behalf of the Club and some Ngee Ann Polytechnic staff also got to find out about the Club, what it stands for and the work that we do.

This year, the Zonta scholarship was presented on the first of the three days of the award ceremony, on 31 July 2012. The Zonta Scholarship holder is Miss Ng Kit May Vannessa. She is in the third and final year of her studies for Aerospace Technology. On the inception of this scholarship, our club had designated this to be given for a young woman who is studying in an area of engineering studies. Vannessa, fits the bill to a T; and to top it off, she is also Singaporean.

We were all very happy to have Vannessa at our dinner meeting on 15 August 2012. Many members were able to meet with her personally and get to know of her interests, her training and plans for her future upon graduation. She shared that she is happy to also know more about our Club and would like to help in our other projects.

Thank You notes from the Project Pari Students

Project Pari Workshop (17 Nov 2012)
It was an alternative style of Project Pari (PP) event on Nov 17. Master Dance Teacher Brenda from Mosaic Dance Studio came to teach the Project Pari girls dance. A total of 41 Project Pari beneficiaries and their 12 teachers attended the Saturday activity. Our 17 Zontians accompanied with them from 9.30am to 3.30pm.

After greeting those PP girls and having light breakfast, President Cecilia delivered a welcome speech. Master Brenda then jumped to the ‘stage’ (which was actually 4 long tables tied firmly together). She hot danced accompanied with Rhythm music and getting everybody to enjoy dancing with her. We danced non-stop in four-step or three-step aerobic dance, mid-east belly dance, mysterious Arab dance, and fashionable Gangnam style horse riding dance for one and a half hours. All of us were sweating like a raining scarecrow! We all felt great! Although PP girls found it very enjoyable and it was healthy exercise, as Silky OLs (old ladies), we did our best to devote full effort to dance with them.

In the second lesson, Master Brenda instructed PP girls how to distinguish “song parts”, included verse, climb, chorus and bridge. “Verse” is the part of a song to tell the story, usually at the start of the song and after the first chorus. “Climb” heightens the mood before the chorus. “Chorus” is the main part of a song, repeated, and easy to recognize. “Bridge” gives the song a contrast before the very last segment.
After delicious lunch, Master Brenda let PP girls break up into 7 groups and the groups were guided to choreograph a dance routine. It was a good chance to train these shy PP girls, only 14-17 years old, to be creative, to practice teamwork, and gradually to derive a leader. Master Brenda let each group to talk to each other for 5-10 minutes and then practice the dance routine accompanied with music. The girls constantly discussed and practiced, et cetera, and repeated several times. At the last part of this workshop, each group took turn performing what they choreographed – their group’s dance routine. It was a wonderful show.

Finally, Master Brenda hosted everybody to dance again and performing a solo dance. We Zontians gave the PP girls and their teachers door gifts which Mount Sapola sponsored. Finally, we were ever so thankful to Master Brenda of Mosaic Dance Studio for her pro bono service. Those lovely PP girls politely shook hands with each of our Zontian and gave us feedback and “Thank You Notes”. We took a lot of pictures for a good ending. “SAYONARA” everybody, see you next good time.

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