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Project Pari - Lifeskills Workshop (May 2010)
The 2010 Project Pari Lifeskills Workshop was held on Saturday, 22 May 2010 at the Tanglin Club. The girls were introduced to simple budgeting skills in the topic on “Financial Literacy”. This topic was conducted by Yolyn Sim, a volunteer. As there are times when the girls need to attend interviews for awards, positions in schools or to take up part time jobs, we included a talk on “ Interview Skills”. This was conducted by Rosalind Heng, a Zontian who currently sits on interview boards at the Ministry of Education to interview students for bursaries/scholarships.

For personal development, another Zontian, Ida Ong conducted sessions on “Table Etiquette” and “Grooming/Body Language”. During lunch, the girls put into practise the skills learnt from these topics. The program also included games on team building.

Lifeskill Workshop