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Membership in Zonta is based on classification by business or profession. Membership is by invitation only. A Zontian could be a proprietor, partner, corporate officer, manager, or employed executive, in a responsible position and with discretionary authority, of a reputable and recognized business. She could also be engaged in a worthy and recognized profession. The status of our membership is as follows:

Mina Chan Manager (Information Technology)
Tan Ter Yee Lawyer
Swee Ying Cheong Policy Advisor
Susan Chong Promotions Manager
Low Hei Chin Secondary School Teacher
Malathi Das Lawyer
Rina Ham-Lim Business Owner
Mary Hoe-Tan Real Estate Agency Manager
Kong Lai Fong Managing Director
Caroline Loy Chief Accountant
Jennifer Ng Business Manager
Jeanny Ng Bank Manager
Huong Pham Bank Manager
Cecilia Pang Marketing Manager
Quay Keng Wah Hospital Manager
Esther Seet General Manager
Joyce Teo Business Owner
Wee Wan Joo Hospital Manager
Julia Woo School Principal
Nicki Soffe Marketing Manager
Robin Li General Manager
Tan Soh Keng Management Consultant
Renee Mison Business Owner
June Tan Management Consultant
Peklyn Teo Financial Investment Adviser
Jennifer Tan Marketing Manager
Ho Nget Vooi Marketing Manager
Rachel Tang Corporate Planning Manager
Lynnette Ee Business Owner
Angelina Lim Management Consultant
Claire Leow Management Consultant